Bohemian Summer

Another day, another Muse Boutique photo shoot! Although I am no longer with them as a stylist, it is a ton of fun to work with the girls on the shoots!! We were lucky to have so many beautiful, boho-chic pieces to play with!! It’s not quite my dream boho shoot (it’s hard to be fully creative when you have to make sure the clothes are always the center of every photo), thankfully when I am choosing for my blog, I have more freedom!

My nomad queen

Nomad Princess

Outdoor shoots are my bread and butter. I detest studio photography and will only shoot indoors if ABSOLUTELY necessary. Nothing is more gorgeous than natural lighting!! Although golden hour is the best, any time can be amazing as long as you pay close attention to where your sun is. I try to avoid direct, harsh sunlight on the face to avoid sheen and over exposure.

Unless of course the sun is being used for artistic purposes!!

Unless of course the sun is being used for artistic purposes!!

It is wonderful to have the help of a stylist on site! It is a FANTASTIC help to not have to worry about how the clothes look while I’m shooting. In the past I’ve worked with a make-up/clothing stylist on site and that was unbelievably amazing. Although it is a ton of fun to put my own outfits and looks together for my own shoots, I can appreciate only having to focus on one aspect of the photo shoot. If you have a friend that would be willing to come along and focus on those little details (hair, make-up, clothing and jewelry placement) take them! Have them help you! You will notice a huge difference.

High-waisted Hippie

High-waisted Hippie


Climbing out of a river bed, Marissa is a trooper!


Boho date night anyone??

Marissa (my model) has come so far from our first awkward photo shoot almost two years ago! I’ve so enjoyed watching her talent grow and learning right along with her. It’s an amazing gift to be able to work with people I enjoy! I love meeting new people and getting to know them while I photograph them, but it’s just a whole different level to spend the day laughing with people you are close to.

Flirty summer prints make me drool!

Flirty summer prints make me drool!

Finding locations can be stressful if you think too hard about it. Most of the time you aren’t going to want the background to overpower the people in the photograph. A shallow depth of field (low f stop) is important to making your modle stand out. Because of that, any area can easily become an ideal photo shoot area. It’s always nice to have some greenery or solid background; a park, back yard, attractive wall or fence, really anything can make a fantastic back drop! Be creative!


A passive background

When the opportunity presents itself and you are given a gorgeous background, USE IT! These local caves are to die for and I can’t seem to get enough of them lately. In this case, the background obviously matters and it is important to make sure it doesn’t outshine the subject!!

A more active background

A more active background

I want to live in this cave.

I want to live in this cave.

Flash would have been greatly appreciated in the cave. Right now I only have my built in flash and I HATE it! It is over powering and I never, ever use it! I need to invest in an external flash and learn to use it, right now I am so anti flash; I just love that natural light! Avoiding a whole type of photography because I am uncomfortable with the equipment is silly and my goal this fall is to become comfortable with flash!!

A black and white for the road :)

A black and white for the road 🙂

It was a lovely day, filled with laughter and joy, a perfect day. As always I am grateful and cannot wait to do it again!!!

What makes a perfect day for you?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?




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