Inspiring Your Model/Client

Another vague class project. My final: DIY, is just that, a start to finish do it yourself. I find these projects to be the most difficult because a lot of my ideas are similar and coming up with something fresh and interesting gets challenging with little to no direction. For this project I wanted to portray femininity and softness. Originally I had wanted to add a dark underside of vulnerability, however I accidentally did that with my last shoot so I decided to go without it.


This photo is a little soft in focus, but I like the effect.

To add that feminine touch, I styled her in a sheer lace dress with a chunky necklace and curled her hair. The sun was a little overbearing, but we tried to achieve soft posses.


a flowing lace dress with layers of necklaces.

There is nothing more feminine than seeing a womanly silhouette; I achieved that by backlighting her sheer dress. You can see her curves through the material, giving an almost innocent sex appeal to the photo.


Underneath the dress she is wearing lace biker shorts and pasties only, I wanted the full effect of the back of the dress.

If you scroll down through my blog, you’ll notice that Hayley has modeled for me before. Sometimes (especially for friends/models) it can be difficult to get more than one type of look from a girl. To achieve this I like to include my models in the planning process of the shoot. Letting them know what the feel and the scene of the shoot is going to be ahead of time, allows them to prepare as well.


She looks a bit scared here :O

The most difficult task when on a shoot is directing the model. Sometimes I get so caught up in camera settings, lighting, scouting new spots, imagining what I want the photo to look like, that I forget to coax my model into position. There is a very fine line between bossing someone around and helping them into position. It is especially important in the beginning of the shoot to be supportive; it builds confidence and helps make your model comfortable. One thing that I love to do is take short breaks to show the model the pictures I have already taken. Not only can I can SHOW her what I want her to tweak, it also enforces that what she is doing looks good.


As always, the most important thing is having fun and making the model/client comfortable. You want them to look at the pictures with fond memories and tell their friends! 😉




One thought on “Inspiring Your Model/Client

  1. You have come a long ways since you started doing photos, your pictures are so beautiful and exciting keep up the good work. Fran

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