I’ve always had a love for fashion, as a kid I wanted to be a clothing designer (until I realized I couldn’t draw to save my life), but it wasn’t until my job at Muse Boutique in Laguna Beach that I thought to combine my love of fashion with my love of photography. When I first started working as a stylist there, I had fallen out of love with photography; I no longer had the inspiration to carry around my camera and I was going nowhere fast. I couldn’t find a direction I wanted to take my photography and I was trying my hardest to move on without looking back, until I noticed that my manager was taking our store photos on her iphone. I volunteered to bring my camera and snap a few photos for her (thinking that it would be nice to dust the thing off and anything would be better than iphone photos!). Immediately I knew that I had found my passion!



It wasn’t easy, my models were my co-workers, some were more comfortable in front of the camera, others were downright awkward.




Slowly, together, we figured it out; as I became more skilled with my camera the girls became more relaxed and confident.



At some point I realized I had no idea what I was doing, although I was enjoying every second of it. I signed up for some photography classes at the local junior college and finally learned how to use my light meter and other manual functions. I am lucky because I have been allowed almost complete creative freedom on the shoots (and also because we have such cute clothing).




Last week I gave my two weeks at Muse as a stylist (I could never tear myself away from doing the photo shoots!) As difficult and heartbreaking as it was, I know that my time there and the people I’ve worked with have made a drastic change in my life. I’m leaving to focus on my photography, but without Muse, I might have never picked up the camera again.




I am so grateful for the time that I have spent at Muse. The girls have become my second family and the clothing fills my closet! If you are ever in the Laguna Beach area, make sure you come by and check them out! Also they just launched their new website! Exciting stuff!!

I wanted to give a special thank you to my manager, who has been the most amazing inspiration and has been patient every step of the way!!



I couldn’t have done any of this without you!




One thought on “Muse

  1. Thank you Hilary!!!!!! That means a lot! I’m so glad you are doing more of what you enjoy! I’m proud of you and this blog is beyond amazing!

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