Finding Inspiration for a Shoot

It can be really difficult to plan a shoot from scratch. Most of the time someone will approach you with an idea and you do your best to bring that idea to life, but when you are doing your own shoot it can be surprisingly difficult to give it any kind of direction. Especially after a while, you find that you no longer have the inspiration to make your shoots unique. At this point it is easy to fall into a rut, or just walk away from photography in frustration. When I find myself in this place, I look everywhere for inspiration; magazines, blogs, pinterest, even just a nice walk out and about can refresh your point of view. I try to come up with an idea and then jot down a few descriptive words to base the photoshoot around. Right now I am working on a photography project for school; my idea or inspiration is femininity, vulnerability, fragility, innocence and nakedness. From there I look for photos that evoke that feeling in me.

None of the following images are mine, they were pulled from other blogs, pinterest and other areas of inspiration.









These images above will inspire me to make the shoot my own vision. Now note that I am not going to copy these poses and ideas, just take the feeling that they give me and put that into my own work. There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration in other people’s work. That’s the whole reason that artist create, to inspire others.

Where do you look for inspiration?




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