Planning a Photoshoot

I am relatively new to the business end of photography; I’ve only been getting paid for about two years now. When I first started doing fashion shoots, I hardly planned anything other than making sure my camera was charged. Now I can proudly say that not only do I have a checklist full of junk to lug around, I also have a pinterest full of different inspiration folders! When researching for this post I realized that people sure do carry a lot around! I try to keep my bag as minimal as possible! Without further adieu here is my camera bag and it’s insides (ew!)!

Inside my trusty (very durable) Ona Bag are some necessary essentials

  • Lense filters (there are many different kinds that do many different things including reduce glare, change white balance, extend exposure time, but the most important thing that any of them will do is protect the priciest part of your camera, the lens.)
  • Lens hood (I hardly ever use this thing, it’s for blocking out excess light helping to eliminate lense flare)
  • Any and all lenses you want to drag around with you (pictured I have a 10-22mm and a fixed 40mm)
  • Of course you need a camera (my Dad’s old Pentax is a placeholder for my DSLR, used to take the pictures, duh)
  • I like to carry snacks, I love to eat.
  • Camera charger (just incase)
  • Portable hard drive, not a necessity.
  • Cleaning cloth for nasty lenses
  • My photo class ID makes me feel like a badass(also comes in handy if a get scolded for taking photos without a permit)
  • Hair tie (ALWAYS)
  • Extra SD cards (it is better to take too many photos than too few!)
  • Chapstick
  • Pen and notebook (this is really one of the most important thing on this list, whether to jot down a reminder, a location, inspiration or camera settings.)


I cannot stress enough how much I love this bag. It’s a little bit heavy, but the durability and versatility make it worth it; not to mention it’s just plain adorable.

Other than my camera bag, I normally have a plethora of things with me, usually in my trunk, forever. I don’t always need to have more than just my camera and I try to travel light, but sometimes you just need other gadgets and toys!!


Can you tell that I am obsessed with this rug?

Among the many things I find with me on a shoot or even just in my car:

  • Tripod (RARELY use this, it is just a pain to lug around and too complicated for a fast paced shoot.) What I really want is a monopod, a one legged tripod that steadies the camera.
  • 5 in 1 light reflector panel. This thing is THE BOMB! It is small and portable, but opens up to a great size with multiple surface options!)
  • Beach blanket (sometimes my models/clients don’t want to touch the ground, sometimes I have to lay down to get the shot, regardless this thing has come in handy more times than I can describe.)
  • Comfortable durable shoes! (SO IMPORTANT! I like these boots because they offer a little ankle support (can’t really see where you’re walking when you’re looking through a camera) and they can go anywhere with me)
  • Sweater, always useful; especially at the beach.
  • Camera bag full of goodies
  • Laptop (if you are going to be outdoors or somewhere that you might get it stolen, don’t risk it)

Pretty cut and dry. I’d love to know what you keep in your bag!! Some outtake goodies below!



My dog Kiwi, she refuses to let me continue taking photos of my bag, it is her turn now.


The strange angles we get ourselves into to get the shot!




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