Fashion as Inspiration

A day at the beach.


Fashion is my muse, which is amusing, because I work at Muse Boutique in Laguna Beach. A part time stylist, part time student; my dream is to be a full time photographer. I have always wanted to create beautiful things. Over the years those things have changed with my life, originally I wanted to create clothes, then I thought maybe I would create atmospheres with interior design. For the last five years I have wanted to create beautiful images with photography.


 I couldn’t think of a better introduction to this blog (no one reads the first couple posts anyways) than my most recent shoot.


I always find that fashion is what most inspires me. The ability to reflect my inner emotions and quirks on the outside is something I am very grateful for! When looking for inspiration for my shoots, I reach for everything. I scour fashion magazines, blogs, vintage photographs; however I find that no matter how much I prepare, nothing quite compares to being on site and feeling how the shoot itself wants to go. Being over prepared, having too solid of an idea can be a handicap. You need to have the ability to roll with the punches. To see the ideas and opportunities that present themselves in the moment. Rarely do things ever go exactly as planned 🙂


The most important part of any shoot is just to have fun. When you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, your subjects will too. Especially when you are working with normal people (instead of models). Enjoy every moment of your shoot and NEVER delete a photo!  Instead of living believing that you need to do something you enjoy, enjoy the things you do! Have fun!!



More of the photos, as well as the clothing used in this post can be found at Muse Boutique in Laguna Beach





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